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Finding the right Bluetooth headphones

Just like wired headphones, there are different designs and styles of Bluetooth headphones available in the market. This allows you to find the best type of Bluetooth headphones ideal for you. There is a major difference in style between the less visible headband style and the more traditional over the head design.

Over the head headphones usually fit more snugly as they sit securely on your head. They are usually designed for comfort and offer some noise cancellation due to their over the ear design. Headband style headphones, on the other hand, fit around the back of your head hence more discrete as it is hard for people to spot them.

These headphones are available in in-ear and over the ear styles. Some of the users may prefer earphones to headphones. Even though earphones are more compact and less visible, their comfort levels usually vary because of their different earbud designs.

It is a good idea to go for earphones with interchangeable buds because they reduce the probability of the earphones becoming uncomfortable. Headphones are sturdy and more comfortable and do not fall off or out of the user’s ears.

When looking for Bluetooth headphones, choose one that easily pairs with your audio device or devices you will be using. What is pairing? It is the introduction of wireless devices to another, setting access permissions and PIN codes. The devices will automatically connect after being paired.

Pairing your devices means that you connect to the intended device and not connecting to a device in range belonging to someone else. You have to ensure that the headphones you choose are compatible with your audio device and that they are both able to stream stereo music.

If you will be using headphones for audio playback and telephone calls ensure that the device performs well in the two areas. When shopping, you need to have an idea of the features you are looking for without forgetting about comfort. We have listed and described the features in the previous section.

Bluetooth headphones are a convenient way to meet your wireless audio needs. Even though most devices have Bluetooth connectivity, you need to ensure that your devices can stream music in stereo where desired. At times, you may be forced to sacrifice sound quality for convenience.

Over the ear Bluetooth headphones

While not as discrete as an earbud or in the ear headphones, over-ear headphone provides – in this authors opinion – an audio quality far in excess of that achieved from their smaller cousins. The popularity of Beats over the last few years has seen a massive growth in chunky style headphones, both in the official and similar style brands for people who cannot afford the price of beats. We offer so great over-ear solutions for all budgets:

Both types of Bluetooth headset have their advantages and disadvantage. At the end of the day, like the music you will listen to on them, whether one is better than another comes down to personal taste. However, we will say this; price is not always linked to quality. Many of the lower cost headsets featured above perform just as well as their more expensive rivals. If brand names are important to you then, by all means, go for the big name manufacturer. If like us, you don’t have to be rocking the hottest brands, then mid-range ones will be perfect for your needs


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